Personal Yoga Journey

Why do we practice asanas (postures)?

Yoga exercises bring health and strength to the body, calmness to the mind. Hatha yoga is the path of bringing to balance the sun and moon, masculine and feminine, static and dynamic aspects of our being. With the twisting and stretching of our body we also stretch our mind and our vision of who we think we are or could be. Thus gaining a broader and eventually more truthful experience of reality and our place in it.

Traditional way: private 1 on 1 yoga sessions


We are all different and unique beings. Our current and past lifes left a completely unique imprint on our body and energetic system. Therefore, traditionally yoga was always taught 1 on 1, with the goal for the student to become confident in building up his/her own practice over time.


As an alternative, it is possible to bring friend(s) with you, but the group size can be maximum 4 to make sure everyone will receive the necessary amount of attention.


What to expect

The session starts with movement (asanas) to bring your mind to the experience of the present moment. The progressive string of postures is always lead by the breath and you experience to be moved by prana (vital, life force) instead of forcing the movement.


Working with the body and breath prepares your system to shift consciousness as the more subtle fields are approached. With the help of relaxation, live instruments and meditation techniques you will be able to experience a heightened state of mind. Looking at your life (challenges, questions, limitations) with a bird’s eye view will help you see them in a different light. By completely relaxing and letting go, solutions and answers emerge from a source of wisdom instead of mental effort.


Energy exchange

Traditionally, the deep secrets of the yogic path were not taught in return for money, but were founded on the practice of donation. However, in today’s society this is not something we are familiar with.
With the intention of creating clarity and sustainable cooperation please find the suggested contribution.


Personal yoga class with sound bath:
– session is at least 90 minutes with space for extra time if needed

– contribution: sliding scale between 54,- to 108,- euros*

– to bring an extra person for the same class is additional 18,- pp.

– including everything, even a nice cup of tea 🙂



*Financial inability should never be a barrier of spiritual growth, if you feel the call but money is limiting you, please reach out!



Booking information





Haarlem, Sutan Sjahrirstraat 27

Appointments schedule Monday to Saturday
11:00-13:00 / 14:00-16:00 / 16:30-18:30