Sound journeys

Upcoming event(s):

Date: 21st September, 19:00-20:30
Address: Haarlem, Sutan Sjahrirstraat 27

Parking is free on the street
Contribution: 15-20 euros (sliding scale)
🙏 please bring the correct amount or reserve through Hipsy

Or send an email to

Sound bath (lying concert)


Nowadays scientists are arriving at the conclusion that the essence of our reality is

energy vibrating at particular frequencies.

Sound is also a – subtle form of – vibration. It is so fine and pure that it can pass through

the barriers of the mind to touch the soul directly. When we open our system, it serves

as a bridge to connect the material and spiritual realms of our inner landscapes.


Through the language of music we can understand, digest and get insight into

processes of our life that are beyond the capacities of the logical thinking mind.